5 Questions to ask Your Wedding Photographer



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After your big wedding day wedding photographers are the only memento you’ll have left. With that being said, choosing the right wedding photographer who matches your style and is able to capture those precious moments from your wedding day is an important part of the wedding planning process.

So what type of questions do you ask? Here I have listed 5 questions that I feel are commonly overlooked but essential;

1. Do you have a system for backing up your photos?

It is a client and a photographers worst nightmare to lose photos from a session, especially from a wedding day! And it’s important for a wedding photographer that has system put in place that works for them and that prevents any unfortunate mishaps to happen because well, you just never know. You can misplace a SD card or it can get damaged or corrupt. It’s important for some sort of system to be in place to prevent anything from happening as much as possible.

2. Can I please see some recent wedding albums you have photographed?

It’s important to see a few full galleries from recent weddings your photographer has photographed and be able to see how everything looks from detail shots, to the rest of the portraits, to the reception gallery. This is something a photographer should want to do as well so you as a client know exactly what you’ll be receiving in your final gallery.

3. What does your typical wedding day usually look like?

This is a great question to get an idea of your wedding day. Of course, everyone has different traditions for their wedding so a typical day won’t be the same for everyone but it’s great to get an idea of how your photographer schedules the day out and think about what changes you might make to fit your traditions and overall wedding day schedule.

5. What are the Next Steps?

After your initial meeting with your photographer whether that is in person over a cup of coffee or virtually on Zoom, ask your photographer “What are the next steps from here” what happens next, what is your process like? This helps you get a good idea of what to expect and how you can move forward and get your wedding date held.


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